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I hate stupid people Apr. 30th, 2007 @ 10:41 pm
What is the fascination with Paladins in the 60s and wearing Haubergeon/Byrnie + all sorts of attack gear, and then SUCKING MASSIVELY?

I've had a couple like this in the past few days, but one tonight took the cake.

JP, Rank 10, Reytora (Raytora? One of the two). Haubergeon, all sorts of +attack gear, not a single piece on him that added to vit/hp/def without coincidentally also adding +attack.

The result? Still the lowest damage dealt in the group, and still with a margin of 500+ between him and the person in second to last. And he took more damage than our Dark Knight.

Now, as a Bard, I usually minuet + madrigal, in that order, which means the Paladin, due to the nature of the way songs work, is going to have minuet overwritten with ballad. Which is usually fine - most hate comes from cures, flash, job abilities, etc, with a WS every now and then. Now, the first two are dependent on mana, which is where Ballad comes in. The last just requires doing more than 0 damage and hitting the mob. Now, while paladin damage may be bad before they get to 75 and start killing T-VT en masse, its still more than 0. And if a Paladin is using +def food (This one was using mithkabobs), their acc is going to be lower than regular, so madrigal usually works fine.

Unless, of course, you've decided your paladin is a damage dealer pre-75, and the only reason you're subbing WAR instead of NIN is because you won't get any invites otherwise. Then, if at ANY point in time you have Minuet + Madrigal, instead of Minuet + Ballad, no matter if it's because you're an idiot and ran in range while I was recasting madrigal on the rest of the melee , you must proceed to spam party chat with {Minuet}{Ballad}{Please}, and then when you do not instantly have Ballad within 2 seconds later, start sending me tells with the same content.

If at any point in time any other party member has gained hate because you leak health and hate like a busted faucet, your mana must NOT be used for curing them. This is valuable health regeneration that could be used for you! Flash is, as well, just another useless tool that detracts from your personal cure supply.

Provoke is optional. You certainly don't want to do it after your puller has brought something into camp, be it me with Elegy, or anyone else, for that matter. Letting the mob that attacks REALLY SLOW hit the puller 4 times on average is a great way for things to go. And then, when someone else in the party has drawn hate, it's still not cool to provoke - you might get hit, after all! So wait until it's down to about 80% before even thinking about hitting the voke button.

And when the DRK has JUST LEVELED and not yet learned Spinning Slash, you should yell at him for using Crescent Moon, since, you know, it's not Spinning Slash. {Crescent Moon} {No Thanks} {Spinning Slash} {Can I have it?} does not make him skillup faster, either.

Next off, after being asked to provoke with a {Paladin} {Provoke} {Please} {Bard} {Shield} {No Thanks!}, it is customary to stand there and wait for a mob to pulled, and then disband and warp without warning. It's OK, your Bard will of course keep the mobs babysat while the WHM teleports the other players out.

{/blacklist} {You can have this}

Also: C'mon people, Heraldic Imps are going the way of the dodo. When there is only one unclaimed imp in the entire mire, it isn't that hard to avoid it, even if it is true sight. Have some patience, wait for it to turn the other way, and then run past. Unless you have a distance plugin and know the aggro range, you're just asking for trouble running in front of the thing.

Computer bluescreened, and I have no desire at all to turn it back on and log back in. Gogo net gain of -200 exp in a night!
Current Mood: pissed offpissed off

My week in pictures. Apr. 23rd, 2007 @ 02:48 am
Over the past 7 days, you may have noticed I've spent a lot of time in SSG.

A whole lot.

Something to the tune of 76-80 hours (I lost count, but it's somewhere in that range, +/- 2).

Some of this, was camping Novv.

I got a lot of help from Unwanted in this area, about 5 of my kills. However, my luck is horrible, so it never dropped. Fortunately, I made some friends while down there (Lots, actually), and was able to get a coat.

Araius came out of the closet. Again. And is well on his way to being a serial rapist ;)

But despite some levity, my eyes were still bleeding after looking at the same rock wall for literally days on end. However, after 8+ tod, and 5 times in which I was in the party that killed it, something happened:

Team Greg, as Joe so dubbed us, formed together at roughly 9:40, Central time.

We killed lots of placeholders. The other linkshell camping killed quite a few as well. Seth and Nick visited us during our stay, but didn't stick around for the entire time, due to having class and school, respectively, in the morning.

But we persevered. The other linkshell left. And soon, this happened:

Oh yeah.

However, the night was without incident. We were caught rather unawares when Charybdis spawned.

Then, as we were leaving, our RDM decided to convert + escape. Right next to a water elemental, with very low life. The water3 animation was going off right as we left. I was fairly sure we were going to arrive in Yuhtunga with a dead RDM. However, luck was with us

If I never see Sea Serpent Grotto again, it will be too soon.

How many botters does it take to kill a Charybdis? Apr. 21st, 2007 @ 07:56 am

Based off that, apparently 11. With multiple deaths.

What's the timer on mobs popping before you're supposed to be able to claim them? Whatever it is, I know it isn't "Before the mob has finished spawning", but if it's only like... Half a second, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and blame it on JP<->USA delay.

Eventful Day Apr. 16th, 2007 @ 11:45 pm
Finished up getting my WHM to 37

Got up to R10.

Edit: Now that I'm not posting 2 minutes before I pass out, a bit of elaboration.

Also did Genkai 3, with Denniskeith and Jen. Davoi went OK - except for Jen aggroing some random orcs from a different floor, and creating a huge train that got her killed, which was the only real mishap - surprising, since I was the one guiding us through it. Beadeaux went better, with Jen in the lead and zero deaths. A bit of thanks to the JP ninja who trained Ruby Quadav around for a bit to let us get past him. Oztroja went OK, with random guesswork on the lever and passwords actually working out fairly quickly. Got the first password on the third try, and the 2nd and 3rd directly after that with some sheer luck. Jen died again lighting the torch to open the brass door, though. I died after nearly escaping the High Priest at the ???

WHM was fun. Had a fairly decent group going in Garlaige, before it broke up due to a couple of people hitting 37 and not wanting to go on, etc. I was partied with Sassafras, and she was quite excellent and offered to take me along to the jungles to finish up the level. I didn't do much, just Dia II and Banish II, so it was really her just pulling me through the last @1600 or so, but I appreciate it nonetheless.

R10 went really smoothly, considering how I was expecting things to turn out. 9-1 went off flawlessly the first time, and 9-2 we had Volker die the first try, but second one, we went in, and beat the clear record.

Supar Update Apr. 16th, 2007 @ 01:44 am
Got WHM to 35 over saturday/sunday. Two more to go, and then I am done. Yeay.

Also, up to rank 9. Yeay.

Pictures to follow, largely things that struck me as funny. And if they don't entertain you... Well, your sense of humor sucks. Bastard(s?). Missing one that I could have sworn I took of me accidentally sending some lyrics from November Rain to Joe the Galka rather than Joe the Fream.

Galkakonechi = awesome. Love him, everyone. LOVE HIM.

Other entries
» For the billionth time, LSD does not build up in the spinal column
Or anywhere else. I don't care how many times your friends have told you something to the contrary. Telling me to "Just google it, it's out there" does not make this fact true. After searching over much of google, with multiple search terms and reading through at least two pages on each, all that I can find is further corroborating evidence to my stance.

"Despite many rumors to the contrary, LSD is not stored in the spinal fluid
for months, nor does it remain in any organ,. It is eliminated just like
other drugs, but more slowly. LSD flashbacks do not occur because hidden drug
in the body suddenly reappears. Because the liver degrades LSD slowly, the
drug stays in the body for hours, often 12 or more for a single dose."

The Straight Facts about the Most Used and Abused Drugs written by Cynthia Kuhn, Ph.D.,
Swartzwelder, Ph.D.., Wilkie Wilson, Ph.D.. of the Duke University Medical
Center, copyright 1998, , WW Norton and company.


"About the flashback: as far as is known, lsd is metabolized in your body even
before it starts to work, so there is no residue left that can cause
flash backs."

Posted By: Dave Marsen , Grad student, Neurobiology, electrophysiology , University of Amsterdam
Area of science: Neuroscience


"It should also be noted that, as LSD is not retained in the spinal fluid, the cause of LSD "flashbacks" couldn't possibly be the drug leaking from your spine back into your bloodstream."


"Although the body does store some toxins in fat tissue, and residues of some drugs and toxins can be found in spinal fluid, LSD is not among these. It breaks down entirely within the body in hours, and its metabolites are excreted within days."


Plus plenty of shit on Erowid, which I include last due to the large amount of public disdain for the source.

So please, can we do away with the retarded myth about LSD and spinal retention for forever?

Update: Person I was arguing with has since done more research, and agrees. <3
» O-Hat runs are fun
Jen felt sick last night, so didn't finish up the rank missions. Going to do that tonight.

In other news, I hate agreeing to help friends with pug ohat runs.

For people like Korym who came prepared : Thanks.

For idiots like Cacklingbigfoot and Turoc who sit there with underleveled subs and shitty gear: You don't need an ohat yet. You need to go fucking level your sub and stop wearing gear you got 30 levels ago.
» R8
Hit Rank 8 last night, and then killed Ramuh. Going to be redoing 7-2 tonight with Joe, and then head on through to R10.

Had some fun with some hail. Baseball size piece or so decided it was going to crash through my window. Nothing some cardboard and duct tape won't fix. Looked outside while the tornado sirens were going off, noticed the fucking funnel cloud is right above me, rotating. Fun image. I almost pissed myself.

No pictures of anything, was too sleepy last night, forgot to take any.

I'll make sure to get some tonight, though.
» Belated Update
Capped 60 sometime on Sunday, after limited playtime over the weekend.

Also got up to Rank 6, with quite a bit of help. <3 everyone in Unwanted.

Didn't play any monday or tuesday. Fell asleep as soon as I got home on Monday (Tired as fuck from working all weekend), and didn't wake up until 4 in the morning on Tuesday. Then, had the usual working in the lab, etc, time for my Cisco shit, so didn't get home until late.

Trying to get up to R8 tonight, since a couple of people in the LS are on 7-2. If things go well, pushing for R10 on Friday. Thursday, I plan on finishing up my 4 remaining runic portals after I get home, and then calling it a night.

Hopefully hit 37 with my WHM over the weekend and get G3 done, and then (Finally) back to level BRD. Going to have to figure in some Novv camp time in there somewhere, though.

Update 2:
On the subject of meat:

No. No further clarification is coming.

Our BM krew. 7-1 and 7-2 tomorrow, and then 8-1 through 9-2 on Friday.

» My sleep schedule is fucked.
Got home yesterday, fell asleep, woke up at 3 in the morning.

Daylight Savings Time > Me

Anyway, http://watchin.sakura.ne.jp/ffxi/hakumon/valefor_r.html is pretty fun. All the shouts in whitegate. Thing is, the auto translates come out in Japanese. Normally, not so good, but it's giving me a chance to practice my katakana, and the little bit of hiragana I know.
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